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2012 Honda Civic EX is Hersch's newest car at Talk Hot Rods | TalkHotRods.com

My wife Linda – who has put up with my love of cars for almost 30 years – has finally had the chance to pick out a new car that she really wanted. Yes it’s true that she has had other new cars but they were always minivans or kid haulers. This time it was her choice, and boy did she make a great decision.

For the past ten years Linda has been driving a 1995 Honda Civic EX coupe with a 5 speed. I bought this little hot rod brand new from Moon Township Honda and I have enjoyed almost every second I have owned it. It shifts like no other car I have ever owned and the 1.6 VTEC engine just loves to sing to its 7200 rpm redline. Linda’s road home from work has some really cool “S” bends and she has gotten really good at drifting through those turns using gears and motor to hit all the apexes perfectly. She has told me it’s like a video game to her and believe me she is a very good driver.

After 17 years of faithful service, it was time for Linda to get a new hot rod and this time it was up to her to choose what she thought would best serve her for the next 10 to 20 years. What she chose was yet another Honda Civic. This time it’s a 2012 4 door EX with a 5 speed automatic. We looked at lots of cars and yes we could have bought a cheaper car but Linda would say after every test drive “It’s just not as nice as my 17-year-old Civic.”

Now wait a minute. I am supposed to be the car authority in the family. I am the one with a website about cars. I am the one that lives and breathes hot rods. Linda wouldn’t know a camshaft if you hit her on the head with one. Lord knows I have considered it in the past. What Linda knows is the intuitive feel that a Honda gives to its driver. She can’t point out the perfect fit and finish or how this 9th generation Civic has evolved into a real driver’s car. She just feels it! That is what great cars are all about and Honda finds ways to give us the best car at the best price.

It’s the Bluetooth phone and iPod interface that she loves the best but the power, handling, interior space, dashboard, and styling is what makes those new car payments easy to deal with. Linda doesn’t realize what a hot rodder she really is, and I am proud to say we are coming up on our 30th wedding anniversary and she continues to support my car addiction and passion.

My advice to all you hot rodders out there is to let your spouse pick the car they really want because that is what they have always done for you. They deserve to enjoy life and our cars are and always will be a big part of our lives.

Special thanks to Andrew and Marlena at Moon Township Honda for making it possible for Linda to find such a perfect car at a time when Honda is still trying to recover from the devastating tsunami that continues to effect so many in Japan.

The only problem I have is getting a chance to drive this little gem. It truly is the best compact car on the planet.

Thank you, Mr. Honda, for having the vision to set your sights on perfection. Your company continues to get closer with each new car.

Thanks Doc, I feel better already. Be careful in the hot rod.

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4 Responses to Linda Finally Gets a New Car!

  1. MGTF289 says:

    You newly weds of 30 yrs. will do fine now that you have learned to let her make decissions. A happy wife is a happy life. Before you know it will be 50 yrs. of happiness. Enjoy both the car and the life.

  2. Tim M says:

    We have high performance and luxury type new cars and old muscle cars but I’ve always said that our ’02 Civic is our best all-around vehicle. We drove it to Michigan last week in comfort and the tolls were more than the gas!

    • Hersch says:

      Linda and I are headed to Detroit for an Eddie Vedder show. I can’t wait to spend time with this little hot rod.

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